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Training / Workshop

At Eagle’s Eye Solutions, we deliver mainly three (3) categories of training:

  1. Executive Training/Workshop
  2. Customized Training/Workshop, and
  3. ‘In-house’ or Onsite Training/Workshop

1. Executive Training/Workshop

Instructor-led training courses can be either public training sessions or run ‘in-house’ for corporate enterprises.

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2. Customized Training/Workshop

EES has the delivery know-hows to impart training for our training programs that can be customized as per your work force capability development requirements and deliver the workshop ‘in-house’ at your workplace.

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Intensity and duration of the training programs can vary depending on the organization’s objectives and profile of the participants.

3. ‘In-house’/Onsite Training

In our endeavor to excel in customer delight by being the most preferred partner and emerge as world leader in training & consulting services, one of the stepping stones to our service line is our ‘In-house’/On Site Training. EES on-site training warrants that your team develops those skills perfect for maximization of your investment.

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Why opt for On-Site Training?

  • You can schedule the best suitable time to learn for your team based on their workload
  • Saves you money by eliminating travel and conference venue expenses.
  • Best fit – course materials & participants’ expectations
  • Better control on costs with pricing based on class size, duration and complexity.
  • World class planning support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical class size?

The group size is not a constraint as we can share solutions to address the needs of the audience be it – batch wise or individual. The fee will vary based on class size, duration and complexity. We normally recommend to have a group of fifteen (15) participants per batch to have an optimal communication interaction during the session.

How does Eagle’s Eye Solutions arm its trainers/instructors/facilitators?

Our trainers/instructors/facilitators are selected via strict evaluation measures. All of them are highly experienced and certified in their chosen area of expertise. All of our trainers periodically undertake effort to polish their skills and update themselves with the trends in current. Nonetheless, their experience coupled with the exposure they have makes them well-equipped to train and to enlighten!

What is the training duration we can opt for?

The training duration depends on the basis of a variety of factors such as course expectations, course content, participant’s grasp, audience strength, activities included, minimum number of training hours as required by the examination body etc.

We provide Onsite training, at the client’s location or any other location chosen by the client for instructor-led training, outbound programs, and executive coaching.

Let us know your requirements and we can provide an Onsite Trainer, anywhere in the world.

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