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Policies for local and international Trainer(s)/Consultant(s)

All trainers working for or in collaboration with Eagle’s Eye Solutions will have to adhere to the Trainers Policy put in place by Eagle’s Eye Solution, whether the trainer is locally based or is an international trainer.

  • The trainer will be notified well in advance for any training s/he has been assigned to attend in Mauritius or overseas
  • The trainer must conduct the training session in whichever international language the client feels more comfortable with (English or French)
  • The trainer must not use any abusive language towards any participant or use any kind of harassment towards any participant
  • Any misconduct from participants, the trainer has the duty to report him/her to the Director of Eagle’s Eye Solutions
  • No smoking and use of tobacco and its products or alcoholic drinks in the training class will be allowed by any trainer of Eagle’s Eye Solutions
  • Payment to any trainer will be made by Eagle’s Eye Solutions after all payments have been received from the participants or sponsoring organizations attending the training session(s) and based on the payment arrangement between the trainer and Eagle’s Eye Solutions
  • All trainers at Eagle’s Eye Solutions must be formally dressed or in business casual.
  • Trainers will have to use their own transport means to reach the training venue
  • Accommodation for foreign trainers will be arranged and paid by Eagle’s Eye Solutions
  • Air-tickets will be purchased by foreign trainer and later refunded by Eagle’s Eye Solutions depending on the payment arrangement between the foreign trainer and Eagle’s Eye Solutions
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