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Below is a list of some testimonials of our participants who have cleared their PMP® and CAPM® Certification from PMI, USA. The names of the active certified professionals can also be searched on the PMI Online Certification Registry at

Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning, Republic of Rwanda
Republic of Mauritius (Computer Informatics Bureau)
R. Ramnial, Acting Director, CIB
PMI Chapter, Democratic Republic of Congo
PMI Chapter, Democratic Republic of Congo and ELAN RDC
"I successfully passed my PMP exam at the first attempt. Thank you very much Raveesh Nobeen for the training, study materials and resources. The PMP course was invaluable to me and am sure I will put into practice all I’ve learnt in my day to day project management activities."
Natasha Fokeer-Bysooa, PMP, MBA
Project Manager, Valid Logistics LTD
"Getting the PMP certification was a project in itself! Passing the PMP exams at one go has been a great achievement for me and this would not have been possible without the guidance of Mr Nobeen and the tailor made PMP study materials provided by EES. The 35 hours of intense training dispensed by Mr Nobeen via EES enabled me to quickly grasp the various project management concepts, terminologies and formulaes and to establish a proper 3 months study plan to allocate enough time to read the PMBoK Guide (3 times!), practice Mock tests and go through flash cards. The PMP study materials provided by EES are concise and provide a point of reference when reading the PMBoK Guide. Going through the study materials before reading the PMBoK Guide gave me an indication what I would learn in the PMBoK Guide and going through the study materials again after reading the PMBoK Guide enabled me to recap and memorize what I have just read and confirmed my understanding. As a presenter and trainer, Mr Nobeen kept the training sessions lively, encouraged participation and sharing of project management experiences which were helpful to later tackle the scenario based questions. I would strongly recommend the 35 hours PMP course dispensed by Mr Nobeen at EES to candidates taking part in the PMP exams."
Nawsheen Uteene, PMP, FCCA, Bsc (Hons)
Project Manager, Business Analyst
"Attended the week long PMP training class at Eagle's Eye Solutions.  The course was worth every rupee. Raveesh is a great instructor. As a very accomplished professional with vast experience in the project management area, he not only teaches the PMI principles but brings real life examples into the class. Although it was an intense week, it was a great experience. A very enjoyable class. I will strongly recommended it to anyone. And yes, I cleared my certification at the end!"
Vikash Kadoo, PMP
"I would like to thank Raveesh very much for helping me achieve my PMP. Not only am I grateful for the comprehensive training received to help me crack the PMP, but I am also grateful for all the support that Raveesh provided me, during issues I had with my exam bookings over the Covid19 Lockdown. Raveesh, you have been a great mentor and a coach, and I look forward training again with you in the future."
Yves Stäheli, PMP
"When I had no clear picture on how to proceed for PMP and after a long research for proper training in this open world with so many options where to go and which one to choose,  I finally opted for a physical live training session. As I was a new settler in Mauritius, I didn’t know anyone in Mauritius. I then, chose Eagle’s Eye Solutions institution to take a leap of faith for my PMP related training. At the glimpse of first session by Mr.Raveesh Nobeen,  it was so satisfying and his dedication towards making a candidate to prove and get passed with PMP exam is impeccable and terrific. His way of making us understand about the huge quantum of knowledge for PMP exam was really an eye opener and his level of patience dealing with the attendees was really remarkable for me. Regarding the sessions taught by Mr.Raveesh Nobeen, they were bringing me a clear picture of how to proceed and what to study and how to understand the topics which we were studying and those aspects helped me and gave me confidence to go further to prepare for the exam and his training sessions helped me immensely while answering the questions in the real PMP exam questions to think in the way what PMI expects from an aspiring PMP candidate. With all the above aspects and with so much help provided by Mr.Raveesh Nobeen, I have cleared my PMP Exam. Thank you so much Raveesh Sir for making me go for such achievement in life."
Ganesh Nag Seethepalli, M.Tech – Construction Management (NICMAR India), B.Tech (Civil), PMP
Project Manager, Larsen & Toubro
“Many thanks to Mr Raveesh Nobeen for his coaching and guidance which helped me pass the PMP exam on my first attempt. The tutoring and study materials that he provided were very helpful to prepare and pass the exam. Moreover, his experience and passion for project management made the training interesting and fruitful. I highly recommend Eagle's Eye Solutions for PMP aspirants.”
Rajiv Jeebodh, MBA, PMP®, Certified Scrum Master & Product Owner
Solutions Consultant, Pronto Solutions Alliance Inc.
"Thank you Eagle's Eye Solutions - Raveesh for the wonderful PMP course and helping me to successfully complete the PMP Certification exam. This PMP course has improved my PM knowledge a lot and is very useful to me in my current workplace. The course was very well set up, very easy to understand and most importantly very interactive. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to up-skill in this area of work."
Yajna Ramphul, BEng (Civil Engineering), MSc (Structural Engineering), PMP
Engineering Designer, RA Engineering Inc., Canada
''The moment when you click on 'End Review' and it says 'You have passed PMP Examination', that's definitely something I will never forget about. This exam is very challenging and one of the toughest! I am glad that I made it on my first attempt itself. Huge credits to you Raveesh for your support, for the interactive 35-hours prep session, your notes, the mock exams and answers. I would like to highlight Raveesh's pro-activeness with regards to replying back to our emails and queries and I would definitely recommend him and Eagle's Eye Solutions for the future.''
Rohunsingh Sam, BEng, PMP
Asst. Project Manager, Synnove Energy Ltd
"I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to Raveesh for his highly appreciable support during my preparation for the PMP examination. Your continuous guidance and study materials really helped me to better prepare for this highly demanding exam."
Bhoyroo Mitranand Anuj, BEng, PMP
Network Engineer, Mauritius Telecom
"Preparing for the PMP exam is intensive but small daily sacrifices over time lead to great results. Thank you Raveesh, Eagle's Eye Solutions for the fruitful 35 hours training. Your guidance and study materials helped me to better prepare and pass the exam on the first try."
Kaleyevanee Penselgadoo, PMP
Project Manager, Project Management Center, G3PM, Admin Center of Excellence for Project & Program Management, Orange Business Services
"Being certified PMP has always been in my “ligne de mire” and with the support of Eagle’s Eye, I have recently gone through the examinations exceeding requirements, getting it right first time. Heartily thanks to Raveesh, as a guide, for accompanying me from the start of the journey till certification and beyond. The nature of project management itself being prone to uncertainties, getting certified is on top, a challenging experience. Acquiring the knowledge, speed and stamina with constant guidance from the tutor before going for the extensive 4 Hrs test has been both an enriching and exhausting trip. Over and above, being the exemplary tutor, I would like to thank Raveesh for being very professional during the whole exercise. I encourage anyone who honestly considers project management a field worth driving into, to go forward for it with Eagle's Eye Solutions."
Roshan Goolaup, M.Sc., MBA, ISO, ITIL, PMP
Assistant Manager, Business Intelligence (Emtel Ltd.)
"It was indeed a relieving feeling when I opened my mail box to see “Congratulations, you have obtained a PMP”.  Working towards a PMP credential was by no means an easy task, but thanks to Raveesh’s coaching, this target has been achieved at the very first attempt.  I would like to thank you for being such an excellent and inspirational mentor and for providing invaluable insights during the training session.  Also, the tools and study materials provided have been the gateway through this journey.  I highly recommend Raveesh and Eagle’s Eye Solutions for PMP aspirants.  With his professionalism, expertise and guidance, he will make your PMP journey a success!!! Thank you again for the support."
Geeta D Luchoomun, RPEM, MSc, PMP
Project Manager, National Development Unit, Government of Mauritius
"The PMP examination is one of the hardest and toughest exam I have attended, believe me .I hold a Bsc, Msc and MBA and I have sat for lots of exams in my life but this exam worth more than those degrees. This exam requires Discipline, Planning and Continuous study. If you cannot control those elements, you are bound to failure. Same like the triple constraint (Time, Cost and Schedule) in project management if you cannot control those elements then the project is a complete failure. What differentiates Eagle’s Eye Solutions, is the notes and guidance you get from Raveesh. Even based in Canada, Raveesh has been providing me with all the notes and support on how to prepare this exam. Raveesh's notes describes clearly, what you need to know based on the PMBOK, which helps me to obtain a score of “Above Target”. This exam is a lifetime achievement for me since I obtain back my identity, which I lost when I migrated to Canada. Even I have more than 10 years of experience in managing IT and Telecom projects I wasn't eligible to apply for any project manager position. Now being a PMP certified I can apply for a better position. Raveesh, I will never be able to say how much I am grateful to you for helping me to achieve this certification. I would strongly recommend this course to all serious project managers and definitely Eagle's Eye Solutions for their focus on quality and support before and after the exam. This is the biggest differentiator. I wish you all the best at Eagle Eye Solutions. Regards Darveen Veerabudren ,PMP (Bell Canada)."
Darveen Veerabudren ,PMP (Bell Canada)
Project Manager, Bell, Canada
"Thanks to Eagle's Eye Solutions and particularly, Raveesh, for the comprehensive yet intensive course on Project Management. It has not only been a challenge but also a pleasure to work on obtaining the PMP credential with his professional guidance and kindness. The study materials and the coaching were essential to get through and while it is not possible to be certified without a lot of work, it is also difficult without the proper support and I thank Eagle's Eye Solutions for that."  
Michel ODOU, M.Eng, PMP
IT Engineer, Afrinic
"My heartfelt thanks to Raveesh for his highly appreciable support during my preparation for the PMP examination. Raveesh's availability, course materials, mock tests and encouragement have been the ladder for my PMP exam's achievement. I wish you good luck and prosperity."
Manoj Boodhoo, RPEM, PMP
Project Administrator, Forges Tardieu Ltd
"Thanks to the professional  training, continuous coaching and guidance from Raveesh , I successfully passed the exam 'Above Target'.  It is safe to say that trusting Eagle’s Eye Solutions is a sure investment to for any employer or individual wishing to successfully up-skill  in the Project Management domain."
Danilo Anodin, PMP
Operations Manager, Orange Business Services
"I passed my PMP exam at my first attempt. This was possible due the the intensive PMP training provided by Eagle's Eye Solutions. The practical knowledge and insights gained during the training were extremely useful which also reinforced the theoretical component of the course.The interactive mode of the delivery facilitated the knowledge sharing among the participants in addition to Mr. Raveesh sharing his professional practical experience related to the field. I highly recommend Mr. Raveesh as a mentor for PMP aspirants."
Kovilen Murden, PMP
Manager, Customer Support, Ceridian, Mauritius
"Eagle’s Eye Solutions is the proper gateway for obtaining the mandatory 35 contact hours.  Notwithstanding this requirement, Raveesh inculcates the knowledge and ethical values to be a good PM and makes the extra mile to motivate his students overcome the self-preparation hurdle."
Vishal Jeerakun, MSc, PMP
Technical Support Manager at UnionPay International
"Eagle’s Eye Solutions really accompanies you throughout the whole process until your certification. Raveesh is very professional in his approach and inspires people he coaches."
Sebastien Levantard, FCCA, AMBCI, MBA, PMP
CIO, Intercontinental Trust Ltd, Mauritius
"I am grateful to Raveesh and Eagle's Eye Solutions for making PMP Credential an achievable feat for me at the very first attempt. Thanks for the guidance and help all the way through."
Noorshaba Ramjanee, M.Sc., PMP
"I have passed my PMP exams on the first attempt. I would like to thank Mr Raveesh Nobeen for the mentoring, coaching and support that he has provided throughout my examination prep. The course followed at Avalon Golf Estate was exceptional, intensive but an eye opener for me personally. The course was excellent, very well organised and conducted and memorable! Really well paced with a good balance of class and exercises. Raveesh is passionate about project management, and with excellent presentation skills, and a fantastic trainer. My PMP exam preparation started the day we completed the course! Raveesh has supported me all the way from the Audit I went through when I submitted my application to the last week of the PMP examination with the mock exams that has been provided by Eagle’s Eye. I would highly recommend anyone who would like to embark on the PMP journey to reach out to Mr Raveesh Nobeen. With his expertise and guidance, he would be able to make this PMP journey easy and a success for you. Thanks again for the help and support."
Mohamed Houzaifa Cader, MBA, PMP
Project Manager, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd.
"Passed my PMP on first attempt!! I would like to say thank you to Eagle's Eye Solutions for its support and mentoring during the 3 months of preparation for my PMP exams. Without Raveesh's concise notes and guidance, the exams would have probably been even more difficult to pass. Highly recommended! Thanks again."
Subash C. Rajcoomar, MBA, PSM1, PMP, M.MIoD
Project Manager, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd.
"I passed my PMP exams on first attempt. I would like to thank Mr Raveesh Nobeen for all the help, coaching and guidance he provided. He was always available to assist. I would strongly recommend anyone who wishes to undertake the PMP exams, to go for the preparatory exams course at Eagle's Eye Solutions. Thank you again."
Sandesh Kumar Purmessur, BEng, MSc, MBA, PMP, RPEM
"I would like to say a big thank you for all your help and support. The PMP course was invaluable to me and am sure I will put into practice all I’ve learnt in my day to day project management activities. You will come highly recommended to others. Thanks again for this great course!"
Gulshanrai Babajee, PMP, ITIL, MBA
"First of all, thank you Raveesh for your precious coaching and guidance in preparing for the PMI-PMP® Exams. The workshop was exceptionally well prepared and delivered. Through your professionalism, high quality training materials and mentoring, we quickly grasped the concepts of Project management. It is definitely worthwhile. I really appreciate the effort to setting a top level standard and developing further the Project Management cause. Taking this opportunity to wish you all the best and success."
Jayandra Rughoo (Sanju), MBA-ITEM, PMP
Applications Analyst, The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd.
"I have successfully cleared PMP at first attempt. It would not have been possible in short span (2 months) to make it successful if I was not mentored with proper ‘tools and techniques’ technically and physiologically at Eagle’s Eye Solutions. I take this opportunity to Thank Raveesh wholeheartedly for his training classes, notes, mock tests and moral support at every step. My view over PMP has changed now from ‘very tough’ to ‘possible with EES.’ "
Shafiquddin Mohammed Khaja, PMP
IT Specialist, Bank One
"Thank you for your help, guidance and support in helping me clearing the PMP exam. I just check my mail and saw the good news. Thanks a lot, greatly appreciated and I am very happy to finally be able to clear the exam!"
Rajeev Thakoor, PMP
"I would like to seize the opportunity to thank Raveesh for the exceptional assistance and guidance, and being with us till the last minute. Truly, clearing this exam in one month was impossible without Raveesh always behind to keep me afloat. “Even the word Impossible says I’m possible, with Eagle’s Eye Solutions”"
A. Tawfiq Moradhun, PMP
Project Manager (BI), Business & Decision
"Embarking on a PMP course with Eagle's Eye Solutions has turned out to be a good choice.   The course, delivered by Mr Nobeen, has been clear, thorough and concise.  It has offered valuable tools and materials to help me confront the PMP exam with much confidence.  I therefore succeeded in obtaining the PMP certification at my very first attempt, about three months after enrolling with Eagle's Eye Solutions.  During the preparatory stage, Mr Nobeen, has always been prompt in answering all my queries.  He has proved to be an excellent guide, an outstanding communicator and great adviser.  Many thanks for an excellent course.  I would certainly recommend Eagle's Eye Solutions to anyone who is thinking of joining a PMP course."
Nassibah Peerally, PMP
Director, Firstco (Mauritius) Ltd.
"Following the PMP® training course at Eagle's Eye Solutions was a great experience; one of the toughest exams in the world but quite interesting and fun. A high caliber trainer with an impressive experience to guide students with real life scenarios. What differentiates Eagle’s Eye Solutions from the rest of the training institutions, is the support and guidance you get before, during and after your course. I would strongly recommend this course to all serious project managers and definitely Eagle's Eye Solutions for their focus on quality. Keep up the good work."
Ajay Paupiah, PMP, ITIL
Manager NSS, EIS (a Rogers Enterprise, Mauritius)
"The PMP certification exam is one of the hardest and toughest exam I have attended. Without Eagle's Eye Solutions quality training, study materials and resources, continuous guidance and mentoring of Raveesh Nobeen it would have been even harder to clear the exam."
Jean-Benoit Pierre, PMP
New Mauritius Hotels, Beachcomber, Mauritius
"Thanks a lot for your training, mentoring and praiseworthy support. It was a very pleasant moment and at the same time relieving feeling when I opened my mail box to see “Congratulations, you have obtained a PMP”. Special word of thank you to my friend Melvyn Vydelingum, PMP for referring me to Raveesh."
Raviraj Bisram, PMP
Manager, Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank Ltd, Mauritius
"I have received the PMP certificate through the post and it looks great. Thank you for making the PMP credentials happen in Mauritius. This will be a very important tool for my career. More than that, the know-how you gave us in the few days has been very enhancing. It had an impact on the current project I am running and so I agree, communication must be done all the time and stakeholders (End users, Implementers and Team leaders) have got to be managed."
Ehshan Abdoolcurim, PMP
IT Professional, State Bank of Mauritius Ltd., Mauritius
"I got the results this morning and proud to be a PMP. Many thanks for all your help."
Shaheel Luckoo, PMP, ITIL, MBA
EBI Infrastructure Project Manager, Canada
"Thanks a lot for all the precious advice during and after the training."
Enrico Chatigan, PMP
Project Manager, E-Bridge Consulting, Mauritius
"I wanted to thank you for your help and support in attaining the PMP certification."
Dhirendresing Hulkhoree, PMP
Senior Manager, BDO IT Consulting, Mauritius
"I would like to sincerely thank you for all support during the prep of the exams and also for arranging the crash course. It was very helpful and an eye opener where to focus. Thanks again for everything. I have passed the certification and am very happy as I have waited for same since so many years. Now, I feel complete as a PM as this was always missing."
Anousha Mahadea, PMP
Senior Manager (PMO), Currimjee Informatics Ltd., Mauritius
"I would like to convey a special 'Thank You' note to Eagle’s Eye Solutions for making my PMP credential achievable and attainable. It's in 2007 that I was first eligible to sit for PMP examinations, but my PMP course training, preparations, examinations scheduling could never happen over the last 6 years until I came across the workshop organizer, Eagle’s Eye Solutions, in September 2013. Eagle’s Eye Solutions has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me. In less than 60 days after enrolling myself with Eagle’s Eye Solutions, my life has been enlightened and bestowed with a successful PMP credential at the very first sitting. Thank you again Eagle’s Eye Solutions for your sterling contribution and support in making this Global recognition and credential of PMP realised for me."
Arvindsingh Mungroo, PMP
Director of Operations (BPO), Mauritius
"When I joined the training course of July 2014, I did not know about the complexity and hard work that this accreditation would require. Then, when we were told to take the exams in November, I thought that it’s way too much time. Now that I went through the test and the preparation required, I would like to thank you for all that you did for us and would like to advise those who are eager to get accredited to pay special attention to all the advice given during and after the course and not to be afraid  to seek advice and support as and when required from Mr Nobeen."
Jhugroo Hemaduth, PMP, IWRM – UNOPS
Project Manager , National Housing and Development Co. Ltd., Mauritius
"I am very pleased to inform you that I have passed the PMP Certification exams. Thank you for all the support and excellent coaching."  
Ashvin Gunga, PMP, M.Sc
Team Leader, Mauritius
"Thank you very much for your precious advice and coaching which have made it easier for me to obtain the PMP credential."
Shabeel Maudarbaccus, PMP
Network Engineer, Masterplan & New Technologies - Network Planning - Networks & IS, Mauritius Telecom
"Obtaining the PMP Credential is no mean feat and the preparation leading to its exams is a very challenging experience. However, with Eagle’s Eye Solutions and Raveesh Nobeen as mentor, what initially appeared impossible to achieve turned out to be attainable after the intensive training and guidance provided throughout. Anyone aspiring to be a decent Project Manager would definitely benefit from this course and it is with pleasure that I endorse Raveesh for his highly competent training skills and thorough knowledge in Project Management."
Vimal Govedo, MSc, PMP
IT (Applications) Analyst at Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd
"Selecting Eagle's Eye Solutions for earning my 35 PDU hours was an excellent choice. Raveesh has been a highly motivating trainer  during the course and an inspirational mentor during my preparation for the examination. His approach instills confidence and he provided invaluable guidance towards achieving the PMP certification."
Hans Seeyave, PMP
IT Manager, Appleby
"I credit most of the success of the CAPM exams to Raveesh's outstanding study materials and high quality mentoring. Excellent job in compiling the required notes and the revision schedule which helped me clear the exams in the first try itself. I will now put into practice all I have learnt in my daily project management activities and look forward to the PMP certification with Eagle's Eye only and will definitely recommend your coaching classes."
Avisha Gunga, CAPM
PMO, Accenture
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