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Student Policies, Rules & Regulations for Students

Once participants complete and sign our registration form(s), they are students of Eagle’s Eye Solutions and they have to abide by the following and not limited to:


1. Standard of Conduct

Our mission at Eagle’s Eye Solutions is to provide courses encompassing Project Management practices, ISO Standards certification and implementation, IT (Governance, Service Management and Security), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Technical trainings, Behavioral and Management solutions. To fulfill this mission, Eagle’s Eye Solutions must provide opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth. Eagle’s Eye Solutions students assume an obligation to act in a manner compatible with the fulfillment of the mission. We understand our responsibilities to provide an atmosphere conductive to growth. With these principles in mind, we have established this student code of conduct.

2. Prescribed Conduct

  • Jurisdiction of Eagle’s Eye Solutions

Generally, jurisdiction and discipline at Eagle’s Eye Solutions should be limited to conduct which occurs at Eagle’s Eye Solutions premises or its training venues, as functions sponsored by Eagle’s Eye Solutions or which adversely affects the Eagle’s Eye Solutions facility and/or the pursuit of its objectives.

  • Full time classes start at 08.30 and end at 17:00 (Weekdays classes) or start 08.30 and end at 19:00 (Weekend classes)
  • Lateness will be considered as from 9.00 am and lateness will be notified to sponsoring organizations.
  • Not abiding by, late coming students would not be having extra classes for lectures missed.
  • Candidates are expected to be dressed business casual during the training classes.
  • Training participants should have in their possession basic stationery at all time during all training sessions
  • No smoking and use of tobacco and its products in the training class will be allowed.
  • Firearms, explosives, fireworks or weapons of any type and kind are not allowed at Eagle’s Eye Solutions premises or at any of its training venues.
  • The sale and attempted sale, use of or the perceived use of, or possession of any kind of illegal, dangerous, or controlled drugs on at Eagle’s Eye Solutions premises or at any of its training venues is prohibited.
  • The taking, damaging or malicious destruction of property belonging to Eagle’s Eye Solutions or at any of its training venues is prohibited.
  • No person shall abuse, threaten or intimidate any student/member of the Eagle’s Eye Solutions or its visitors.
  • Gambling on premises is prohibited.
  • Falsification, forgery, alteration, fabrication or misuse of Eagle’s Eye Solutions registration form, document, record, identification etc. is prohibited
  • Cellular phone, headsets, cassette/CD players, MP3, radio, laptops, tablets or handheld electronic games may not be operated in classrooms/workshops or other areas where they may interrupt the instructional process. They can only be used during break timings or after training completion.
  • Sexual harassment by students, trainers or staff is unwelcomed and not allowed at Eagle’s Eye Solutions premises or at any of its training venues.
  • Training fees are payable as per submitted invoice from Eagle’s Eye Solutions and have to be strictly observed as per payment policy.
  • Complaint(s) from participants can be discussed with Director of Eagle’s Eye Solutions.
  • Eagle’s Eye Solutions will not be held liable for any loss of property belonging to training participants.
  • Sponsored candidates can have their training fees refunded by the HRDC. Sponsoring organization must liaise with HRDC regarding the same.

Training fees

  • Training fees must be paid in full as and when enrolled or before the training starts.

Other mode of payment i.e. Payment by installment can be arranged with Eagle’s Eye Solutions upon signing an ‘Undertaking to Pay’ form.

  • Crossed cheques to be made payable to Eagle’s Eye Solutions Ltd.

Fee Policy & Fee Refund Policy


Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Full payment is mandatory for event attendance.


  • Once registration form is received by Eagle’s Eye Solutions Ltd. and invoice issued to participants, payment is expected.
  • Sponsoring organizations can substitute participants at least 5 working days prior to the beginning of the Course.
  • Cancellations will be refunded only if made in writing at least 10 days prior to the beginning of the Course. However, for such cancellations, participants will be refunded only eighty percent (80%) of the course fee.
  • In lieu of the preceding cancellations, participants can be transferred to the next training session, but such transfer is allowed ONCE only regardless of the period of notice.
  • No refund is given for any late cancellations or for participants who do not show up for the course.
  • Eagle’s Eye Solutions Ltd. has the right to cancel any of its training event(s)/workshop(s).
  • Participants and organizations will be notified and refunded accordingly, should any such situation arise.


  • All bank charges for the above payments will be paid by the participants or sponsoring organization.
  • All international students are required to pay all fees before arrival.
  • Payments are accepted in Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer

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